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Paper planning for electrical runs
LED driver and power pack mounted
Installing the Eye Canvasses
Wiring the Eyes
Testing the Eyes
Testing the Eyes under stage light
Photo by Dan Norman
Photo by Dan Norman
Photo by Dan Norman
Photo by Dan Norman


Written by Tristan Bernays

Directed by Tiffany Greene

UMN BFA Class of 2019

Guthrie Dowling Studio

April 19 - 27, 2019


Assistant Master Electrician

Scenic and Properties Design by Arina Slobodianik
Costume Design by Brandi Mans
Lighting Design by Claudia Errickson
Assistant Lighting Design by Patricia Goodson
Sound Design by Dustin Morache

"This show, for me, was all about the LED backed Eye Canvasses. The Assistant Lighting Designer and I were tasked with making this effect work. I think we pulled it off really well."

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